Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Gosh I haven't update this blog in two years!! Oops? Hahahaha...I've been too busy updating other blogs that I clean forgot about this one!

So I shall revive this one with some random sketches I did using my tablet...for the last couple of months.

My original character, Kat ^^

Next is to draw Krista hahaha 

Oh look, the horrible time I endured while trying to tackle the mess in the house in time for  my relatives to stay over x.x

A very very very random artwork from me hur hur hur 

Ummmm this is how I am lately...come to think of it. Coffee binge, especially since now we have a coffee machine at home...and Starbucks coffee beans. Hahahaha 

Drew this for my aunt...last month I think? I still need a lot of practice hur hur hur....

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cake Delight

I haven't been posting much and I know it. Haha. Been busy lately.

Anyways, although this isn't artwork, here's a work of craft I did a few days ago.

Slice of cake anyone? :D Took me a day to cut the patterns and sew them up XD they're from a DIY box however, this means that the patterns are given and the materials are given. All I had to do was just to CUT the patterns and sew them up XD

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Yes I know I am not faithful to this blog. Many issues cropped up and I lack of time to even complete any arts *gets shot*

Here's one *incomplete* one...I have yet to bring it to life via colors!!


Even in your dreams, your body binds to unspeakable measures. Memories, fantasies, fears, and horrors all merge into one. Nightmare harbors your deepest fear, and the line of light and dark is being put to a test. How far can you endure it?

Monday, June 9, 2008

of bubbles and wings

New Updates!!! :D :D :D

Of bubbles and wings...

Click here for a better view
I actually did this during my semester break to chill off and also to practice on PrismaColor markers hahahaha. Was a crappy lineart cause I didn't fully concentrate on it :P Overall I'm quite happy with it....all but the wings lol.

I think I shall stick to chibi arts first.....

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Assassin Cross

Forgive me for being horrible on updates! >_< it was one crazy trip after another on this *swts* Anyways!!! Drew this 3 years ago, when I was in Australia. Reason for this art? It was for my cousin who was so into Ragnarok Online at that time (even me too! lol) so I decided to give him a gift art of a male Assassin Cross from the game!! ^^ Heavily referenced work, as you can see, but I was quite happy with it! This was taken with a camera by the way...did not have any access to a scanner then lol.

Right now I'm happily learning how to sew...slowly. Someone please buy for me the How-to-sew book for kids!! >___< *stabs self*

Friday, May 23, 2008

New Blog!!

I've decided to take a leaf off my friend's style and create an artblog of my own too :) in here I'll be dumping odd artworks done by me, both digitally and traditionally. Note that this is all just for fun on my side, and that I will be updating my art and poetry blog hopefully at least once every forthnight :)

Let's just start off with this artwork I did about two years back, shall we? ^^

Title: Witch

Art is drawn by hand, approximately 10 hours was spent on the details. It is my pridework, really, even if it isn't that nice, especially on the anatomical side. But it was my first time on detailed art so I was quite happy about it ^^

Sold this piece to a former classmate of mine :) background and effects was done using Photoshop